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Welcome to PRIME ESTATE. A company that since its establishment in 2002 offers consulting in real estate, financial and business issues. It also provides other services such as legal and insurance coverage or technical assistance. We invite you to review our listings of all kinds of Greek real estate. From the center of Athens through all over the country. Residential, commercial – hotels and plots are included. Look at our proposals with international properties. Take advantage of our special offer for 1% commission. It considers all our visitors that will proceed with a FREE listing, request a FREE over-the-net evaluation. It also concerns those who will purchase a property after getting in an email contact with us.

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kostas manikasWe utilize the knowledge and experience of our expertised partners. Real estate consultants who undertake the sale of your properties and enterprises with the use of the most modern promotion methods or propose you the most suitable property for your needs. Financial advisors who inform you on the best capabilities of, private and public, funding. Business consultants who will create the most proper business plan.

We undertake the completion of all the procedures, as also, from the other side, the study and the evaluation of the  alternative investment options. Especially in the tourism – hotels sector, in which we specialize, we guarantee the selection of the optimum with a full ecomomotechical study and our support for the strategic repositioning and the upgrade of your enterpise.

Our cooperation with experts and investors in USA, Great Britain, Germany, Russia and China will assure further exposure of your property. We promise to be by your side with credibility and respect to your priorities. All these years of successful operation guarantee that we do not remain in promises. We achieve our goals. My personal experience in the international investments market is at your service.

Yours faithfully,

Konstantinos Manikas

MBA, B.Sc in Psychology

Investments in Greek real estate

greece real estateA country that besides historical value has exceptional natural benefits. A place that can be turned into an attractive destination for domestic and foreigner investors. PRIME ESTATE operates all these years focused on serving the everyday needs of each Greek citizen. At the same time it contributes to the development of the appropriate conditions for the attraction and proper investment of capitals from all over the world, especially in the broader tourism industry. Greek real estate, either for vacation or commercial use, consists an exceptional choice with a potential for high returns. But most of all, it combines the high quality environment with the business opportunity.

Into the Soul of the Ruler

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