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A, 40m from the sea, hotel in Lefkada. A recently totally renovated hotel in Kammena Vourla – Fthiotida. Apartments for rent in Paros. A unique villa in Ekali.

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financial drowning GreeceFinancing drowning in … the creative ambiguity? (13/3/2015)

Konstantinos Manikas – Economist – Psychologist: By choice I avoided all these days to write an article for the agreement with our partners. The media were overwhelmed by analysis on analyzes the time we had not even definitively confirmed the text of the reforms accompanied it. But even after the completion of this part we got lost in the maneuvering of creative ambiguity that we, rather from subconscious tendency to counterfeit complacency, perceived according to Mr. Varoufakis as complicity of Europeans in deceiving their parliaments! Real more…

property taxReciprocal property tax (23/12/2013)

Konstantinos Manikas – Economist – Psychologist: The public debate, during the previous weeks, on the taxation covered the whole range of approaches. From the most anarcho-liberal on non-taxation of property to the more “proletarian” ones to charge the total assets (real estate, deposits, bonds, artwork, etc.). In between, the battle unfolded regaridng the extent of the contribution of rural property, reciprocity tax and comparisons to similar measures in the rest of the world and especially in the EU. An occupation tax is ultimately needed and if so, how is the amount determined? Read more…

real estate bear ageThe “age of the bear” in real estate (27/10/2012)

Konstantinos Manikas – Economist – Psychologist: The golden rule of the stock market “sell high and buy low” will not be immediately confirmed in the Greek real estate market. Not because there are not gradually created conditions and opportunities of investment placements with positive outlook horizon but because all the sidestream factors which together define the image of a market operate competitively to this development. Read more…


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