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FREE property appraisalPRIME ESTATE offers you a Free property appraisal. Fill in the form below. This report will give a rough estimation of your property market value. There are many reasons to get an appraisal. The most important is to determine a reasonable price when selling real estate or provide yourself a negotiating tool when purchasing real estate. Our free property appraisal is a tool available to every owner who wishes to have a reliable first approach to his real estate value with no cost.

The Rules Of Appraisal

  • The appraisal of a property should not be trusted to amateurs and professionals who are always willing to bid up the selling price, in order to get a higher commission. 
  • Choose an educated, experienced appraiser, like the one we offer you, that utilizes all the existing methods and the international forms, for increased credibility and validity of the results. Even a free property appraisal requires knowledge and ability to handle the information required from the owner.
  • The market and the laws of supply and demand cannot be manipulated by the agent, he/she can only acknowledge them and try to act in accordance to them, so as to achieve the best result for you.
  • The actual market price may sometimes be around 10% above the appraised value, due to particular features of your property, such as economic perspectives, residential or other factors.   

Benefits Of Proper Pricing

  • Faster sale. As long as the market perceives the price as reasonable, the chances of selling your property during its “hottest” period in the market, at the beginning of its listing are high.
  • More income, less costs. Potential buyers are less willing to offer low out of fear of losing a good property. Furthermore, the overall costs of the transaction such as carrying costs, mortgage payments etc. are decreased.        
  • Exposure to more prospects. More people can afford a reasonable price, more calls will be returned due to advertising and signs, so your chances of finding an ideal purchaser are increased.
  • Increased salesperson response. The excitement and the confidence, on our efforts forthcoming success, make us work even harder.

The outcome of the technical report, that could accompany our free property appraisal, should serve as a guidance for the improvement of the property that is to be sold. The success of our marketing plan depends, not only on choice of the appropriate promotion strategy and tactics, but also on the arrangement and renovation of the place in such a way that captures the attention of the prospective buyer from the very first look.

The Renovation Guide

  • Keep the building’s exterior (door, windows, number, garage etc.) in good repair, especially when we refer to countryside places.
  • Replace all the cracked down and broken windows and adjust all doors, closets included, so that they can be opened and closed.
  • Dust, clean and scrub everything, remove posters & adhesive and paint the walls and the basement or/and the attic if there is one.
  • Repair any damages in the bathroom, such as leaky taps and toilets, cracked or broken mirrors, tabs or basins and clean the place very well. The same stands for the kitchen’s sink, taps, oven and other appliances.
  • Detect and record the condition of the overall electric and water supply of your property and develop a plan that priorities the seriousness of each problem and the urgency for immediate repair.

10 Rules For Successful Showing

  • Leave the place during showing! By this way the agent will have the opportunity to handle all the objections that may not have been brought up, if you were there.
  • Turn on every light in the place! This includes closets, bathrooms and it makes the place seem brighter and cheerful thus creating a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Open all drapes, curtains and blinds! Let all the sunlight you can to come in. Do not spoil may be your chance to give the impression of a warm, fully “lighted” place. 
  • Turn off the television! The noise and the images from a TV set can become the worst way to distract a person’s focus.
  • Turn on the stereo! Some soft, “easy listening” music on low volume can improve the impression of a peaceful, serene atmosphere.
  • Open all the closet doors! Rooms will appear larger and the neatly arranged spaciousness of your property will be emphasized.
  • Keep all the pets outdoors! Especially in countryside places, sometimes, there are people who will be annoyed by the disturbance and inconvenience that may be created by a pet that is indoors.
  • Lower or raise the thermostat! During summer let people notice your air conditioning system efficiency and on winter times make the place feel welcomingly warm.
  • Build a blazing fire! When there is one, it can help you promote a feeling of enjoying, relaxing place in which everyone would like to rest.
  • Bake bread! The aroma of traditional days and habits empowers the family spirit of a place. A fresh pot of coffee or warming cinnamon rolls can have the same result as well.

FREE Property Appraisal

Fill in all the required parts of our free property appraisal form. Describe any renovations or add any comments that would assist us in being as accurate as possible in our estimations.

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