Aegean Islands

real estate Aegean islandsReal Estate Aegean Islands. Indicative listings follow that are only a sample of the existing properties in various areas such as Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, Paros, Tinos, Syros, Naxos, Andros, Lesbos, Rhodes, Samos, Astypalea, Sifnos, Kalymnos, Kea, Chios and Kos. Tell us about your requirements by filling and sending us the appropriate contact form at the bottom of the page and we will propose you the most suitable choice or assign us your property.

Real Estate Aegean Islands – Residences

RHODES– 370 M2 luxurious detached residence on a 1500 M2 plot, 3 levels, 5 years old, gym, pool table, laundry, dressing-room, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, living room, 2 sitting rooms, attic with bedroom, garden, closed parking, ability to build an extra 200m2, PRICE: 600000 EUROS

RHODES (Lindos) – 105 M2 new residence on a 500 M2 plot, 2 bedrooms, living room – dining room, kitchen, bathroom, small swimming pool with hydro massage, unique view to the sea, parking, equipped, PRICE: 230000 EUROS

PAROS (Lefkes) – 117 M2 detached residence on a 4100 M2 ampitheatric plot, built in 2008, ability to build additional 85m2, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (one with jacuzzi), kitchen, dining room, living room with energetic fireplace, solar, internal storage room, 110m2 verandas, unobstructed view to the sea, garden, fountain, water tank 25m3, 2 seats parking, 25m2 studio with wc, PRICE: 235000 EUROS

PAROS – Stone detached residences 50 – 82 & 107 M2 (1, 2 & 3 bedrooms accordingly), traditional Cycladic architecture, excellent quality, fireplaces, large verandas, 2 setas parking for each house, gardens. Additional capabilities for private swimming pools (swimming Jacuzzi), helicopter space, yachts marina.

The complex is located within a 10500 M2 plot, near a 1,000,000 m2 forest (characterized as NATUR area), unique in Cyclades, unobstructed view to four islands, 1’ from the most beautiful beches.

PRICES: 150000 EUROS (for the 50 M2), 210000 EUROS (for the 82 M2), 320000 (for the 107 M2 maisonettes)


PAROS – 135 M2 detached residence, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, wc, 2 verandas, unified living room – kitchen with fireplace, autonomous heating, air condition, parking, unobstructed view, PRICE: 320000 EUROS


PAROS – 46 M2 maisonette, 3 years old, Logara area, by the sea, fully equipped & furnishes, air condition, 30m2 yard, bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, PRICE: 170000 EUROS


ANDROS – Residences complex, 3-4kms from Gaurio port & Batsi. It consists of 9 houses from 80 to 140 M2, built in two complexes on a 9800 M2 plot, unobstructed view to the Aegean, veranda with pergola, parking seats and exclusive yard use,

  1. A) 116 M2, 2 bedrooms, living room, fireplace, playroom, 2 kitchens, 2 bathrooms, wc, 2 parking seats, external stairs to the semi-basement, 384 m2 yard (participation in the plot 1026m2), PRICE: 315000 EUROS
  2. B) 125 M2, 3 bedrooms, living room, fireplace, 2 kitchens, 2 bathrooms, wc, storage, 3 parking seats, internal stairs to the semi-basement, 354 m2 yard (participation in the plot 1096m2), PRICE: 310000 EUROS
  3. C) 140 M2, 3 bedrooms, living room, fireplace, playroom, 2 kitchens, 2 bathrooms, wc, storage, 2 parking seats, external / internal stairs to the semi-basement, 354 m2 yard (participation in the plot 1147m2), PRICE: 345000 EUROS
  4. D) 132 M2, 3 bedrooms, living room, fireplace, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, wc, storage, 3 parking seats, internal stairs to the semi-basement, 499 mw yard (participation in the plot 1061m2), PRICE: 325000 EUROS
  5. E) 80 M2, 2 bedrooms, living room, fireplace, kitchen, bathroom, wc, 13m2 storage, 2 parking seats, internal stairs to the semi-basement, 137 m2 yard (participation in the plot 698m2), PRICE: 180000 EUROS
  6. F) 117 M2, 3 bedrooms, living room, fireplace, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, wc, 2 parking seats, internal stairs to the semi-basement, 175 m2 yard (participation in the plot 959m2), PRICE: 265000 EUROS
  7. G) 124 M2, 2 bedrooms, living room, fireplace, playroom, 2 kitchens, 2 bathrooms, wc, 13m2 storage, 2 parking seats, internal / external stairs to the semi-basement, 169 m2 yard (participation in the plot 1003m2), PRICE: 250000 EUROS
  8. 137 M2, 3 bedrooms, living room, fireplace, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, wc, storage, 3 parking seats, internal stairs to the semi-basement, 499 m2 yard (participation in the plot 1411m2), PRICE: 325000 EUROS


SYROS – 300 M2 detached residence on a 1500 M2 plot, excellent construction, 4 years old, 4kms from Ermoupoli, by the sea, unobstructed view to the Aegean (Tinos & Mykonos), 4 master bedrooms with luxurious bathrooms, 2 living rooms (1 wiyh fireplace), 2 kitchens, large verandas, storages, landscaped surroundings, stone fence, fountain, bbq, furnished traditionally. Sold and separately the house from the plot (750 m2 plot with 230m2 building permission), PRICE (house): 580000 EUROS, PRICE (plot): 200000 EUROS


SYROS – 130 M2 maisonette plus 42 M2 terrace (jaccuzi & bronze can be installed there), built in 2005, unobstructed view to the sea, 3’ walk from Ag.Nikolaos sea, 5’ walk for city center & port, 2 bedrooms, living room, dining room, bathroom, wc, kitchen, PRICE: 290000 EUROS


NAXOS (Cyclades) – 5 residences each with its own private garden around 350 – 500 M2 & open parking area, 800 M from the beach


Ground floor 42 m2, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, 1st floor 42 m2, living room, kitchen verandas, 2nd floor 25 m2, bedroom, bathroom, veranda with pergola  

PRICE: From 235000 EUROS (105000 EUROS) at ots current condition)


Ground floor 38 m2, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, 1st floor 38 m2, living room, kitchen, bathroom

PRICE: From 175000 EUROS (75000 EUROS at its current condition)

Sold also all together at its current condition for 450000 EUROS


LESVOS (Mythimna) – 325 M2 detached residence on a 725 M2 plot, in a very good condition, characterized as a historically protected monument, with large garden, unique location, amazing view, 50 M from the sea. Capability to receive subsidiaries to transform the building to a luxurious touristic mansion and ability to receive a loan with special terms.

Ground floor / semi-basement – storage spaces and traditional bathroom & laundry.

1st floor (ground floor from the side entrance of the house), it has dining room, living room, wardrobes, selves, traditional kitchen, bathroom, large foods cellar. On the south side of the floor there is a stone balcony with panoramic view.

2nd floor (main entrance) with spacious, long corridor & 5 bedrooms, all with panoramic view to the port, the sea & the mountain. On the south side there is a wooden balcony with panoramic view. Access to the roof from a non-apparent entrance.

The large external space and the water availability (private well & public) allows the development of a mature garden. The old trees of the garden can attribute to this development.

PRICE: 1450000 EUROS (furnished).


MYTILINI (Mesagros) – 100 M2 two-level detached residence, built in 1993, with 22m2 semi-basement, on a 427 M2 plot and 25 M2 separate guest house (room, bathroom) and storage. The main residence has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, large living room with fireplace, air conditions, veranda with tiles, closed garage, tents, capability for further construction, amphitheatric view, 5km from the beach, PRICE: 220000 EUROS


KEA – 242 M2 detached residence on a 5250 M2 plot, 30’ min from the port, unobstructed view to the sea and mountain, a few minutes from the beaches. It has stone floors and wooden decoration on the ceiling, two stone fireplaces, central heating, air condition, gas. The house is fully furnished and equipped.

Down floor 130 M2 – separated in two parts 55m2 and 75 m2, can become two autonomous apartments or a single house. The one has been modified to operate as a guesthouse. There is also underground stone space to be used as a cellar or a storage.

Upper floor 112 M2 – with 70m2 verandas with pergolas, 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen – dining room, luxury bathroom, wc.



KEA – 119 M2 autonomous three-level maisonette in Hora, traditional architecture, directly accessible by car, parking, storage, fireplace, autonomous heating, unique unobstructed view to the Aegean, connected to water and disposal network, double glasses, satellite antenna, PRICE: 310000 EUROS


KYTHNOS – 100 M2 residence, 10 M fro the sea, on a 280 M2 plot, 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, (there is a video available), PRICE: 250000 EUROS

SANTORINI – 105 M2 detached residence, furnished & equipped, 2 bedrooms, with one over-double and two single built-in beds, large living room, large bathroom with built-in sink, 2 storage rooms, yard with fountain, ability to build another room, PRICE: 175000 EUROS


SANTORINI (Magalochori) – 80 M2 detached residence, built under the  , needs repairs, large room, living room, room with internal kitchenette & external bathroom, downwards there is a 25m2 room with internal kitchenette & external wc, PRICE: 210000 EUROS


SAΝTORINI – A superb new project, 5’ walk from Oia, of 5 villas, each  with 66 M2 of indoor living area and approximately 20 m2 of private outdoor space, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, living room, kitchen area, solar, air conditioning, shared 40m2 swimming pool, PRICE: 160000 EUROS


MYKONOS – 340 M2 detached residence and 60 M2 autonomous guest room, particular architecture, with bamboo pergola, external bar, bbq, air condition, fireplace, satellite TV, garage, garden, large swimming pool with view to the sea, near Ag.Sostis beach.

Ground floor – living room, large kitchen with dining table, master bedroom

1st floor – 3 bedrooms (one connects to the attic) with internal bathrooms.

Under the central building is the guest room with 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen.

PRICE: 4000000 EUROS


MYKONOS – 130 M2 super luxurious maisonette, two leveles, on a 700 M2 PLOT, 250 M from the bech, view from every side, 5km from the airport, 8km from the port.

External space: Fence of Mykonos stone, 40 M2 pergola, 4 seats parking, dining table for 12 people, stone sofas, garden, paths, bbq, regulated lights, mini bar, external stereo installation, wi-fi internet, 56 M2 swimming pool, 4 jets Jacuzzi, shower, decks with double glasses windows

Internal space: LOWER level: living room, 8 seats dining table, fireplace, kitchen, bathroom, boiler, small storage, UPPER level: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, air condition, tv, satellite, wi-fi internet.



MYKONOS – Complex of 3 independent villas.

  1. A) 120 M2 2 levels on a 1230 M2 plot, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully furnished. The price includes the modification of the external space according to the buyer’s preferences (swimming pool, external bar, pergola, bbq etc)., PRICE: 1160000 EUROS
  2. B) 175 M2 3 levels on a 1387 M2 plot, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms

85 m2 (2nd & 3rd level) are completed & fully furnished, the 1st level (90 m2) is finished externally and the internal spaces will be constructed according to the buyer’s preferences (internal bar, playroom, office, additional rooms). The external space will be modified according to the buyer’s preferences (swimming pool, external bar, pergola, bbq etc), PRICE: 1690000 EUROS

  1. C) 193 M2 3 levels on a 840 M2 plot, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms

85 m2 (2nd & 3rd level) are completed & fully furnished, the 1st level (108 m2) is finished externally and the internal spaces will be constructed according to the buyer’s preferences (internal bar, playroom, office, additional rooms). The external space will be modified according to the buyer’s preferences (swimming pool, external bar, pergola, bbq etc), PRICE: 1870000 EUROS


SIFNOS (Cyclades) – 108 M2 detached residence on a 224 M2 plot, Artemona area, fully renovated, stone paced yard, view to the town (access through a pave) & the windmills. It consits of: Apartment: living room – kitchen with fireplace, bedroom, bathroom, 2 autonomous guest roms: with their own bathroom & kitchen. Furniture built with the traditional Cycladitic way.

Additional features: a) Water tank 70 m2, b) Solar, c) Terrace



SAMOS – 300 M2 villa on a 4000 M2 plot, 15’ drive from Samos town, built upon a hill, privacy & spectacular view of the Aegean, 80m2 swimming pool, paved terraces with natural stone, mature garden with fruit trees & flowers

Basement – large garage, fixed storage cupboards, laundry room, office, bedroom, bathroom

Ground floor – open plan fully equipped kitchen (all surfaces in natural black granite) with place for at least 6 people to sit & eat, spacious living & dining area with big glass doors leading to the main terrace, additional balcony at the front side, toilet

1st floor – master bedroom (with large bathroom, dressing room & private balcony), 2 more bedrooms with their own balcony, bathroom

Stairways & bedrooms floors are made of wood, air-condition in all rooms, wireless internet, sold furnished & fully equipped.



SAMOS (Karlovasi) – Building with ground floor store 155m2 + 90 m2 covered space, and two floors for residence, 1st floor 155m2, 2nd floor 155m2, store’s rent is 3000 E, PRICE: 1200000 EUROS


KALYMNOS – 126 M2 detached residence on a 202 m2 plot, 100 M from the beach, 3 bedrooms, unified living room / dining room / kitchen, 2 bathrooms, PRICE: 180000 EUROS

KALYMNOS – 40000 M2 unique, by the sea plot, 10’ from the plot, Construction model – 100 M2 two-floor villa on a 1000 M2 plot (common ownership of a 4000 M2 plot), 2 or 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, garage, laundry, living room, kitchen, water tank, PRICES: From 184000 EUROS and from 286000 EUROS (for those in touch with the sea).


CHIOS – 200 M2 detached residence, very close to Ag.Aimilianos beach, in a very quiet area, view to the sea from all house’s aspects. It consists of a maisonette 3 levels – 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, attic for office, fireplace. At the lower level there is anadditional apartment – bedroom, living room with fireplace, large veranda, independent entrance, view to the sea. The house is 10 years old, with stone external decoration and a parking space, PRICE: 550000 EUROS


CHIOS – 345 Μ2 old residence on a 415 M2 plot, 4 bedrooms, office, 2 reception rooms, sitting room, kitchen, 2 large corridors, bathroom, wc, large attic can be converted into 3 rooms, back yard, shop downstairs can be converted into a 6 seats garage. The property has been decorated with wall and ceiling paintings. The wood on the floors and the doors were specially made in Egypt, roof is tiled, PRICE: 600000 EUROS


KOS (Dodecanyse)- Three floor building in the centre of Kos town, suitable to be used as small self-catering apartments business, with 2 apartments in each, 73 SQ.M., and 67 SQ.M., accordingly, and a small apartment of 20 SQ.M., on the terrace, sold as a whole or each one seperately. The ground floor (as you can see in the image below), has two apartments, full frontage of glass that can easily be turned to shops or for other professional use. The rent that could be received is more than 5 EUROS  / SQ.M., PRICE: 800 EUROS / SQ.M.


Real Estate Aegean Islands – Plots

NAXOS – 1500 M2 plot, Agia Anna area, panoramic, 500 M from the sea, builds 400m2 residence & 800 for commercial use. Its worth is 635000 €, PRICE: 320000 EUROS


MYKONOS – 258.000 M2 land, located 330 meters from the coastline and well-known beaches. The parcel has incredible sea view, has received approval from the Forest Service and notwithstanding for foreign investors, it can build 4000 M2, PRICE: 1.500.000 EUROS (half price of its objective value due to crisis)

MYKONOS (Fokos) – 28000 M2 plot, 400 M from the road & the sea, small inclination, panoramic view, between wonderful beaches, builds 100 M2 house, the owner must have some form of agricultural income, PRICE: 360000 EUROS


KOS – A) 18200 M2 plot, on a slop with beautiful view to Bondrum (Turkey), suitable for hotels or residences (the area already has residential development), PRICE: 220000 EUROS

B) 1700 M2 plot, on the road Kos town – airport, 1,2 kms from a large beach, view to Turkey, license to build 2 residences (50m2 + 50m2 semi-basement, each), PRICE: 80000 EUROS


SANTORINI 500 M2 plot, 2,5 km from island’s center, 5 km from airport, 800 M  from the beach, building approval for 8 apartments of 50m2, peaceful area, PRICE: 90000 EUROS

SANTORINI – 13000 M2 unique, three frontages, by sea plot, within city plan, building coefficient 0,4, capability to build 5200 M2 + basements, 150 M frontage directly to the sea, 5’ from the airport, 10’ from Fira, adjacent to touristic enterprises, no taxes will be paid (it belongs to a company), PRICE: 7500000 EUROS (half the objective value!)

RHODES – 63000 M2 plot, in an area with many hotels at North Rhodes, only 10 M from sandy beach, inclined, attached to the road, 270 M frontage to the road and another 270 M frontage to the sea. Building license for 13300 M2 building (hotel), PRICE: 8000000 EUROS

MYTILINI – 14600 M2 plot, 170 M frontage to the sea, builds, a 1st class hotel of 160 beds, builds 600 M2 for residential use, near Molyvos, with all the mandatory documents, amphitheatric (starts from the sea level to a small hill), PRICE: 350000 EUROS

SYROS – 600 M2 plot, Poseidonia area, 140 M from the sea, with building permission for 200 M2, 20 vineyards and other plants, PRICE: 120000 EUROS (ability to purchase attached plot of 800 M2 with fruit trees and a well, at a total price of 170000 E)

PATMOS – 7000 M2 plot, 5’ from the port, panoramic view. The plots consists of 3 adjacent pieces.

A) 2010 M2 plot, within city plan, builds 400 M2 two-floor residence and 200 M2 semi-basement, useable due to the inclination.

B) 3950 M2 plot, from which 2018 M2 within city plan and the rest outside city plan attached to the beahc, builds 440 M2 two-floor residence and 200 M2 semi-basement, useable due to the inclination.

C) 1125 M2 plot outside the city plan, separated by road from plot B and spans to the beach and is suitable for low development such as swimming pool, sports etc.

PRICE: 150 EUROS / m2 (for the plots within city plan) and 50 EUROS / m2 (for the plots outside city plan). The plots can be sold separately, as well.  


PAROS – 16000 M2 plot (ability to expand to 30000 M2), by the sea, 50 M from the beach, 70 M frontage towards the sea, building permission, PRICE: 85 EUROS / M2 (objective value 900000 E)

PAROS – 5350 M2 plot, building permission, Molos area, 400 M from the sea, amphitheatric, PRICE: 230000 EUROS


ANTIPAROS – 4500 M2 plot, on a height, 800 M from the beach, 1,5km from the port, 800 M from the village, with marvelous unobstructed view. Suitable for photovoltaic, air power generators. Builds 250 M2. PRICE: 250000 EUROS

NAXOS – Two plots 4886 M2 and 6000 M2 accordingly, within city plan, 10’ from the port, view to the sea and the city, building permission 400m2/ 1000m2 plot, PRICE: 130 EUROS / M2

ANDROS (Batsi) – 263 M2 plot, building coefficient 0,5, coverage 60%, height 7m, PRICE: 300000 EUROS


ANDROS – 4060 M2 plot, buildable, Fellos area, with private small gulf, 15’ from the town center, access from the sea as well, PRICE: 400000 EUROS

ANDROS – 110000 M2, by the sea, panoramic view to the Aegean, amazing beach, PRICE: 9 EUROS / M2

ANDROS – 2500 M2 plot, within city plan, builds 400 M2, view to the sea, Aprovatou area, PRICE: 180000 EUROS  


ANDROS (Hora) – 6500 M2 agricultural land, incredible view to Hora, PRICE: 130000 EUROS

ANDROS – 8000 M2 plot, on the sea, western orientation, abilitiy also to be divided in two pieces, on Fellos area, PRICE: 450000 EUROS


SAMOS – 62000 M2 plot, fantastic view to the Aegean, Marathokampos area, PRICE: 150000 EUROS


SAMOS – 14000 M2 plot, amphitheatric, unique view, with all utilities (electricity, telephone, water), suitable for enterprises, hotels, Marathokampos area, PRICE: 250000 EUROS


KOUFONISI – 6020 M2 plot, ampitheatric, 39 M frontage from the sea, 2 building licenses, One of them, 50 M from the shore and the beach, for a 160 M2 ground floor residence with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, verandas, 45m2 basement. The other residence, beside the first one, 80 M2 with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen – living room, verandas, PRICE: 600000 EUROS


SCHINOUSA – 13100 M2 plot, amphitheatric, panoramic view, building permission, all utilities included, PRICE: 300000 EUROS

LESVOS – 35500 M2 plot, builds 7500 M2, 40 kms from Mytilini, at a sea village, opposed to Adramytios gulf and Moschonisia, with open view of the sea, PRICE: 1235000 EUROS

LIMNOS – 33000 M2 plot, by the sea, Kotsinas beach, frontage to the main road, flat, with 2 building licenses, PRICE: 1000000 EUROS

DONNOUSA – 2 plots, 13kms from the port, A) 4000 M2, attached to the beach, with electricity, license from forest & archaeology service & building permission license, PRICE: 80000 EUROS, B) 7000 M2, 100 M from the beach, forest service license, PRICE: 50000 EUROS

SIFNOS (Vathy) – On the slope, near hotel, 5000 M2 plot, 200 M from the asphalt road, electricity, water, 400 M from the sea, amphitheatric with unobstructed view to the sea & Vathy, it has olive trees most of which are 100 years old. It has license for the construction of a 180 M2 villa with a swimming pool or 3 villas of 60m2 with a pool & 1500 M2 yard each, PRICE: 200000 EUROS


KYTHNOS – 220,000 M2 plot, near Loutra, 700 M sea line, 100 M sandy beach, 500 M frontage to a road, fenced, many seating spots, PRICES: 900000 EUROS


KALYMNOS (Vathy) – 500,000 M2 plot, by the sea, land use over the 2,000,0000 M2. 5’ by boat to Vathy port, 30’ pavement to the asphalt, southeastern orientation, height from 0 (sea) to 360 M2, 900 M beach line, 2 beaches with sand & from the most beautiful of the island & natural airless port, PRICE: 1000000 EUROS


KALYMNOS – 440 M2 plot, Ag.Panteleimonas area, 10’ from the airport, 15’ from the port, 14 M frontage, building coefficient 0,4, PRICE: 55000 EUROS

SYMI – 574 M2 plot, building coefficient 0,8, view to Pedi, attached to the public road, PRICE: 160000 EUROS


MILOS – 4085 M2 plot, 150 M from the sea, 180 M frontage to an village road, unobstructed view (the plot in front cannot build), marvellous sunset, electricity and water supply, western orientation (protection from the winds), 800 M through a path to town center and 1km by car, (ability to be given in exchange for a detached residence, apartment or plot in the S. or N. Attica suburbs, PRICE: 300000 EUROS


MILOS – Two adjacent plots 300 M2 each in Pollonia area, first on the beach (rocky), with beautiful view to Kimolos, building coefficient 1, PRICE: 250000 EUROS


TILOS – 670 M2 plot with 0,5 building coefficient, capability to buy 2 adjacent plots of the same size, as well, PRICE: 180000 EUROS, 480000 EUROS (for the 3 plots)


ASTYPALAIA (Dodecanyse) – By the sea plots, near the airport. 2 plots of 1000 M2 for 200000 EUROS each suitable for enterprises, hotels etc and 3 plots of 500 M2 for 130000 EUROS each.

FOLEGANDROS – 700 M2 plot, within city plan, developing area, at height, view to the sea, fenced with stone and in the internal there is a small stone fence, access to electricity & water supply, PRICE: 200000 EUROS


LESVOS – 6 parcels, by the sea, with planning permission for touristic development (hotel, bungalows, villas, apartments) and ability to receive 60% government subsidies, all amenities included (water, electricity), SOLD individually or together.

– 3650 SQ.M., 131400 EUROS, – 10062 SQ.M., 362232 EUROS, – 10500 SQ.M., 378000 EUROS, – 12470 SQ.M., 448920 EUROS, – 11752 SQ.M., 164528 EUROS, – 15000 SQ.M., 210000 EUROS.

Total: 63434 SQ.M., 1695080 EUROS


IKARIA 12500 SQ.M., plot, in the most touristic area of the island, attached to a road that separates it from the beach, with 60 M., frontage, suitable for touristic use, PRICE: 400000 EUROS

IKARIA16000 SQ.M., plot, by the sea, attached to the road, with 160 M., frontage to the beach, 4000 SQ.M., building permission, suitable for touristic use (hotels etc.), 4′ from the airport, PRICE: 1200000 EUROS

IOS – 8000 SQ.M., building permission 400 SQ.M., unique location with spectacular, panoramic view to the sea, stone fence, PRICE: 350000 EUROS

KARPATHOS (Dodecanyse) – 35000 SQ.M. plot with 300 M. frontage on a sandy beach. Ideal for a A’ class hotel of 300 bedrooms. It can cover 20% of the land. Water, Phone And Electricity Available.

10km from down town, 3km from International airport, 400 M. from main road. Famous destination for wind-surfing tournaments, scuba diving, fishing and deep sea diving.

The European Community and the Greek Goverment offers a subsidy (50%-60%) for the development of a first class hotel, PRICE: 1500000 EUROS. 

There are also two available nearby properties.

– 18000 M2 seafront with a large sandy beach, 1km from International airport, PRICE: 540000 EUROS. 

– 6500 M2 located in populated area, on the main road to the airport, with two drinkable water wells, 2km from airport, PRICE: 210000 EUROS



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