Technical services, legal, insurancePRIME ESTATE offers you high quality services in all the supplementary aspects that regard your property, investment or business establishment. Besides our negotiation interference or our financial and business consulting role we have assured the best technical services, legal and tax assistance and insurance coverage plans. Necessary services that smoothly complete the process of any investment and provide every owner the chance to save time and money at the same time that he acquires additional benefits.

Technical Services

A property, either for residential or business use, has to achieve certain construction standards in order to fulfill its purpose. Renovation is an essential first step to obtain your goal for a place that serves your needs. We provide you with the extensive experience and the expertise of a construction company with recorded success in technical services that improve the status of houses, stores even hotels. From the smallest modifications to the total make over of large projects our technical services crew will propose to you a plan that fits your requirements and your financial limit. We also provide you will all the mandatory technical documents such as the Energy Performance Certificate.

Legal – Tax assistance

Apart from the technical services a property transaction consists of legal processes that need delicate and accurate handling, so that both parties reach the desired outcome without meaningless discords and contrasts but with mutual understanding and cooperation. We serve this goal through our with experienced and knowledgeable legal advisors.

The Checking

  • The ownership contracts of the lot where the building is constructed, or the undertaker’s contract for all the under construction properties.
  • The constructing license and the technical description of the building. 
  • The horizontal ownership’s registration and the operational regulation, as long as it refers to multi-apartment buildings.

Pre-contract / Contract 

  • During the purchase of an incomplete building you should, before the sign of the contracts, write a responsibilities’ list that burden both the constructor or you.
  • Signing a pre-contact involves legal hazards for both parties, when it is written hastily and carelessly.
  • Define the deliverance option, the legal provisions in case of delay, the payment process, the way it will be made and the discharge stages.  

The tax matters that may rise with the purchase of real estate are not only complicated or obscure, but they can also lead to serious, unexpected financial burden capable of constituting an unsurpassed obstacle to the realization of any of your investment choices. Our credible and informed on the recent evolutions, tax and accounting advisor, will inform you on the consequences of your choices and recommend you the most profitable alternative solutions.

Tax / Accounting Guide 

  • Search for your tax limits for the acquisition of your first house, according to your family status.
  • Estimate the tax that corresponds to you for purchasing a second house and discover whether you can take advantage of any available limit to avoid taxation or if you fall into the large real estate property tax.
  • Be informed by our experts for the benefit of parental granting, assignment or donation and to who it benefits you to do it.
  • In the case of companies it is useful to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of adding new properties in your fixed assets, according to your financing means.

Insurance coverage

The full insurance coverage both of the property and its owner is a mandatory action that all buyers should not neglect. In every investment the fundamental goal is to reduce the risk of consequences from unexpected events that may eventually lead to the need of technical services.

Our aim is to become your consultant in every insurance or investment issue that may concern you, with the assistance of insurance agents.

  • Discover the capabilities of coverage for damage and destruction of the property and also coverage for burglary of the value items that are included in it.
  • Be informed about the usefulness of the owner’s personal insurance and the broader capabilities to convert it into an investment tool.


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