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Every business proposal has to be based an well-designed business plan that thoroughly describes the actions that lead to the implementation, a clever marketing plan to promote your message appropriately and a solid funding plan that assures the neccesary cash flow to complete it.

Our business consultants will discuss with you, in order to have a clear view or your aspirations and prepare a suitable three phase planning scheme that makes your dream come true, safely.

Business Plan

In all these years as business consultants have been involved in the study, design and development of significant business plans in Greece and abroad.

We continue the same dynamic and support your business dreams, identifying the best organization and execution practices, evaluating the course of action, ensuring proper funding. Business planning is not an expensive privilege for a few. It is a mandatory tool for everybody who wants to strart a business or expand an existing one.

Marketing Plan

Promoting your idea to the proper channels,is actually the outcome.

Getting to know your target group, allocating your budget in the most effective way and of course choosing the right message, are the prerequisites for a succesful marketing plan. 

We propose the most efficient promotion methods, tailored to the data, requirements and financial capabilities of your business. We choose strategies and tactics that will bring multiple benefits and increase your customer base, with a focus on digital marketing and social media. We evaluate the results and support possible changes that we will decide

Financial Planning (Funding)

Either you are looking for a mortgage for your property purchse or financial resources to execute your business plan, you need to have an overview of the available services, a presentation from a qualified professional who will explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

We are ready to review alternative solutions, including the possibility to receive the support of a european program. We will develop a finacial plan that gets you to closer to your goal.


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