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Konstantinos Manikas comments on the economic developments (KANALI 1, 90,4 FM)

Konstantinos Manikas appeared in the Sofia Fyka’s radio show “Aroma ineras” (KANALI 1, 90,4 FM) and commented on the economic developments. The bank bankruptcies , the increasing inflation and how they  influence the Greek economic environment. Listen to his comments:

The antidote to the economic “coronavirus”

Written by Konstantinos Manikas, Economist – Psychologist, Writer More than a decade has passed since the huge financial crisis that turned into a fiscal and monetary crisis. Its consequences are now beginning to be overcome, but other events, such as the World Trade War, the return of tariffs as a bargaining chip, and the current…
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Growth: Waiting for the greek investment shock

Written by Konstantinos Manikas, Economist – Psychologist, Author At last, we have the definitιve figures for the country’s development in 2019. The annual rate finally closed at 1.9%. I recall that from October 2018 when the budget was tabled, I predicted that for another year of SYRIZA’s governance, the prospect of significantly exceeding 2%, as…
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